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Mindset and Confidence

3 Tips To Overcome Self Doubt

Here are 3 ways to help you overcome those pesky self doubt thoughts…

Tip 1

Stop comparing yourself!

However much we want to look at the success and progress of others in our industry and be inspired by them, that very quickly and very easily turns into comparison and judgement on ourselves. “Why are they so far ahead of me?”. “How are they making more money?”. “Why are they better than me?”.

Stop this madness! Comparing yourself to others almost always leads to doubting yourself and holding yourself back.

Just be you! You are enough!

Tip 2

Stop using the expectations of others as your own.

Everyone has their own idea of what success looks like, it’s as unique as your fingerprint. Yet we still set our own success expectations to match those of others. You are unique and wonderful and should set your OWN expectations. Using those of others will only lead to feelings of inadequacy and failure.

Tip 3

Look backwards to move forwards.

OK Daz, WTF are you talking about??? Stick with me on this one.

Our past achievements contain all the proof we need to show us that we ARE good enough. You’ve passed your academic exams, maybe had sporting wins, started a family and many more. All of these give you the evidence to show you how amazing you are and how capable you are of achieving things we set out to achieve.


I used to do all of these but tapping back into my archery champion mindset helped me to push past each and every one of them, be myself and be successful on MY terms.

Want to work with a mindset coach who has been described as “World class”? A coach who has also been British Archery Champion and knows what it takes to get there and stay at the top?

Contact me and let’s chat about how we can work together…..

Darren Danks

Darren is The Self Doubt Coach. He helps you to break through the blocks that are holding you back, he cheerleads your successes and pushes you to be a better you. He has been British archery champion, holder of 9 national records and coached other archers to push through a mindset block called target shyness.

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