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Big Impostor Syndrome Tip

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I have a big tip for you today. Something I’ve used myself to greatly reduce any feelings of impostor syndrome.

Now I know there are plenty of tips around impostor syndrome and I’m sure you’ve seen them if you’ve been Googling ways to help you stop feeling like you’re holding yourself back because you don’t feel like you have any right to help others using your expertise.

One of the biggies that helped me though is not to listen but to truly HEAR the compliments you receive whether in a testimonial, in a message or as a comment on a social media post.

The tendency to brush those off is a big one but once we begin to push ourselves to truly read and absorb them we begin to realise that we DO have the right to use our expertise.

Take screenshots of them, save them in a folder called “Inspiration” or something else that’s meaningful to you and browse through that folder at least once a week!

When you jump into a puddle of poo, you get out and have poo stuck all over you. Lovely image eh! In the same way, when you jump into a folder of amazing and wonderful things being said about you, when you climb out of that folder it’s inevitable that a good portion of that positivity sucks to you, you listen to it, you hear it, you FEEL it.

And the thing is, it’s never too late to begin doing this. Go back a month or two (or even longer) and collect all those compliments. Most of us are on multiple social media platforms or we have email lists or we have feedback forms for clients. They are ALL a wonderful source of proof that you ARE amazing!

This has helped me and I know it can help you. If you need more help with mindset, confidence and all that lovely stuff, contact me and let’s see how we can work together.

The Self-Doubt Coach

Time to create energy ripples!

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I firmly believe that self-doubt has its roots in the world we live in.

We are surrounded by media, magazines etc that encourages you to compare yourself to “celebrities”. They focus on the negative and the failures of others, seeding thoughts telling us that we are destined to fail too.

This seeds the thoughts of self-doubt.

Why should we try something if we’re destined to fail eh? Look at those famous people, the rich people, they fail, so why wouldn’t I!

This then becomes our thought patterns and those thought energies radiate outwards from us like when you drop a pebble in a pond, the ripples radiate away from the point of impact. And people pick up on those energies whether they realise it or not. And so radiates negativity and doubt.

Don’t believe those energies exist? Have you ever been at a party and one person enters the room and immediately the mood of the room changes. People are picking up on the energy that one person is radiating!

Some people call this Law Of Attraction, some call it manifesting. What it is though is how our universe operates. Just like in our physical world we have gravity, thermal dynamics and all that wonderful stuff, in the universe we live in, we have thought that has no limits in distance, in time and in speed!

When we make changes to our thoughts, we begin to make changes to our life and our world. Self-doubt reduces, confidence increases, happiness increases and we think clearer and faster.

Want to know more? Explore this further?

Get in touch now and let’s get on a call to find the best way we can work together!

And don’t forget to grab my free Self-Doubt Companion here:

The Self-Doubt Coach

Do you justify your misery?

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Picture the scene, you’re in your 9-5 job, you get up in the morning, get ready to go to work, and dread going in.

Each day you dislike going into work a little more.

You reach the point where you “hate that place”.

You want something more in your life, you want to be in control of your future, you feel deep down to your very core that you should be doing more.

Then you start looking into what needs to be done to achieve that future and doubt starts creeping in, the journey seems impossible.

“My job isn’t that bad after all”….. You start justifying all those mornings where you hate the thought of going into work.

You’re justifying your misery!

You can’t go on like this, it’s a route to Miseryville and Regret Town!

It’s time you changed, time you start working on your doubts and fears.

And here I am to help you, I’m The Self-Doubt Coach.

When we work together we find the right ways for you to smash those doubting thoughts and boost your confidence so you can begin creating that life you want.

First step? Grab my free Self-Doubt Companion using this link:

Second step? Contact me so we can jump on a call to figure out the best way we can work together.

The Self-Doubt Coach

Too much self-doubt can make you blind!

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And there was you thinking too much masturbation made you blind. That’s a myth though, just ask any red-blooded human. Although I do wear glasses….. damn! ??

There’s a line in Sherlock, “You look but you don’t see”, and this is particularly applicable when you doubt yourself.

What would normally be a simple mental jump to put situation A and situation B together to give solution C, when you have self-doubt, you may as well put situation A in one box and situation B in another box 100 miles away because you become blind to the connection to give that solution C.

If you’re doubting yourself, do you find this? Do you wonder why you can’t figure some things out?

It’s like the doubtful thoughts put on a disguise, sneaks into the intelligence office in the brain and starts pressing buttons and flicking switches to distract the brain. Like a funny scene from a movie!

This can grow and grow too, like rolling a tiny snowball down a hill, it gets bigger and faster, picking up all sorts of horrible stuff on the way.

When we do something out of the ordinary though, it can act like a distraction to the distraction. It stops that rolling ball of snow, bricks and poo mid-roll! It gives the brain just enough time to slide Mr Conscious Thinking into the office to take control back.

Think of the scene in Guardians of the Galaxy when Ronan is about to destroy the planet and Peter Quill (Starlord) begins dancing, it stops Ronan in his tracks and eventually Starlord explains that he’s “Distracting you yer big turd blossom”. Ronan is distracted for long enough to allow the guardians of the galaxy to get back in and start taking control.

Introducing those chances to disrupt can help massively!

This is something I do well and sometimes in a weird but funny way.

Want to take control of those self-doubt thoughts?

Want to take the blindfold off and see where you’re going?

Contact me now to get on a call!

The Self-Doubt Coach

My top 3 Ways to hit your goals

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So, you’ve decided what your goals are for this year but will you hit your goals? How far along that road to them are you?

Are you still thinking “It’s ok, I’ve got plenty of time to do them”?

Will you still be thinking the same in 6 months time?

Let’s help you get closer to achieving your goals shall we with 3 tips to get you there.

1 – Write your goals down

Keeping them in your head means they are simply dreams. Writing them down though puts them into reality and helps you hit your goals.

Writing down your goals also activates processes in your brain which vastly improves the chance of your achieving them.


2 – Tell someone about them

Telling people what your goals are, gives you accountability. If you tell no-one there will be nobody to keep you on track and you won’t be pushed psychologically. When you tell someone, tell a group or even announce them on social media so you have THOUSANDS of people who know what you’re meant to be achieving, it gives you a huge push to get things done, otherwise, you dread people asking “Have you done them yet?”.

Again, this is another weapon against procrastination and helps you to hit your goals.


3 – Use a task manager/todo app with deadlines and reminders

Keeping your goals on paper is great but it relies on you reviewing them on a regular basis and seeing where you are. A better option is to use a task manager app such as Todoist, Omnifocus or Microsoft Todo where you can set deadlines and reminders. The reminders will trigger an alarm on your phone, tablet or computer to tell you that a task needs to be done.

Without this, unless you have an absolutely rock-solid process in place, you will begin to miss deadlines, forget to review your task and project list and ultimately fail to achieve your goals.

Want more tips like these to help you live your best life? Come join my free group The Performance Lounge –


What do you really want?

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What do you really want?

We’re told we should be aspiring for the fancy car, the mansion home, Gucci accessories and all that kind of stuff. But what do you REALLY want?

Are you falling for the almighty marketing machine telling you what you should want or do you have your own thoughts?

We all have our own world view, we all see the world, our surroundings and the events happening around us depending on our own experiences and beliefs. The problem is that we can also be massively influenced by the messages we are bombarded with every day from the media, the news and social media.

When we listen to all that crap we cease to be a Jedi with a mind of steel and become the janitor at the Jedi offices who has let himself go and possesses the mind of a weakling!

It’s time to rebel! Rebel against the conditioning, rebel against the programming and ask ourselves what we REALLY want!

Set your goals around what you truly want in your heart, not what you’re told you should want!

When we set unrealistic goals that aren’t linked to our heart, we set ourselves up for failure and that leads us to stress, sadness and at worst, depression.

“I want a Porsche!”…. but do you REALLY want that or is that what you think you should want?

“I want that Gucci handbag!”…. again, do you REALLY want it or do you want the name because you think it makes you look successful?

When we begin to set our true goals we become more focused in achieving them because we have that emotional connection with them.

So, stop buying into the BS and start listening to your true self!

5 Ways to feel good each day

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You know those days when you just feel “Meh”? You really want to feel happier and more energetic but not sure what you can do to make that happen.

Worry not, I’m here to give you 5 tips to banish the ‘Meh’ monsters and feel happier.

1: Be polite, it makes you feel good!

We can go through our day filled with our own thoughts and ignoring other people but that’s like living in a steel box, we don’t have the connection and interaction that we, as humans, crave and need.

When we begin to be more aware of the people around us, be polite with them, and receive the same back, it lifts our hearts and helps us feel happier each day.

2: Smile at people, it makes them feel good!

Did you know that smiling releases neuropeptides in your brain? Do you even know what neuropeptides do? Well, let me tell you, these little fellas help you fight off stress.

When you smile you also release the happy hormones in your brain, Dopamine and Seratonin, that help you feel much happier.

So smile, smile at someone in the street as you catch each other’s eyes, smile at work colleagues and friends. Trust me, you’ll feel much better!

3: Random acts of kindness, it makes everyone feel good!

Think about how you feel when a stranger holds the door open for you or stops and lets you out when you’re driving. Feels good doesn’t it. You know what, doing them for others feels just as good!

It can be holding a door open for someone, picking something up that has been dropped, or being there for someone if they’re upset. Any of these acts of kindness not only makes the person receiving them feel good, but they help you feel good too.

So what could you do today?


4: Tell yourself today is going to be a fabulous day

This is in the form of affirmations. I’ve written about affirmations before and with good reason, they work. Doing affirmations each day can, over time, actually re-wire your brain to be naturally happier.

Examples of affirmations are:
Today is going to be an amazing day!
I choose to be happy today.
I am confident and strong.

Try them morning and night, you’ll start to see changes in your day.

5: Stop reading the news.

There’s no hiding from the fact that the media thrives on shock, fear, scandal, and making you feel inadequate, it’s their bread and butter work, but it’s not good for you!

Look at the tv, internet, newspaper, wherever you get your daily dose of news from, and just look at how many stories are negative. I would actually say it’s 60% and above, and a mixture of war, violence, how amazing a celeb looks (and implying that you don’t) and many more stories like that.

Remember, you are what you surround yourself with, so if you surround yourself with crap by consuming all that negative media, you are going to feel like crap.

It’s time to do a news detox!

3 Ways to boost your self-esteem

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Imagine going through life thinking you’re worthless, thinking you just aren’t good enough. It’s such a horrible thought but many of us do just that to one level or another.

Maxwell Maltz said:
“Low self-esteem is like driving through life with the hand brake on”
And this is exactly what it’s like.

When your self-esteem isn’t as high as I could be, you hold yourself back in life because you simply don’t think you’re good enough.

Let’s have a look at 3 ways in which you can begin to build your self-esteem and take that hand brake off.

1: Mind your language!

When we find our self-esteem to be low, we can find ourselves using quite negative language about ourselves.

“Oh I’m just not good enough”

“I know people say I’m a great person but just look at me”

“I’d love to do that but I’m crap at it”

Any of those statements ring any bells?

The common thread throughout theme is the negative language used towards yourself. You tell yourself you’re not good enough, you’re not a great person and you’re terrible at something. Ask yourself, would you talk to your best friend like that? Of course not, then why talk to yourself that way!

Start becoming aware of your language and consciously catch yourself and change it. So next time you hear yourself saying something like “I’m so crap at this”, change it to “I don’t know how to do this yet but I’m willing to learn”, or maybe using “yet” at the end of a statement such as “I’m not great at this YET”.

When you start consciously changing the language you use every day, it can improve your self-esteem. It’s not going to be easy but isn’t the effort worth it!

2: Affirm yourself.

I love using affirmations! When you start using affirmations every day, they can actually start re-wiring your brain! This is called neuroplasticity and it’s the ability to re-wire the neurones in the brain.

Your sub-conscious is amazing but it’s also a little dumb. You see, it believes whatever you keep telling it. Think of those times when you are telling yourself that you’re miserable, you find yourself getting more and more miserable don’t you. That’s because your sub-conscious is believing that constant stream of “facts” and so you become that. Flip that though and keep telling yourself positive things such as “I’m confident and powerful” or “I can achieve anything I put my mind to”. Keep repeating statements like that to yourself and you begin to absolutely believe it.

This is like in health coaching, the way to change your diet isn’t to say to yourself “I can never eat those foods again”, that’s never going to work, but if you begin to crowd out the bad with the good foods, pile the veggies on your plate so they naturally crowd out the crap, you will achieve those lifestyle changes.

The same principle is used with affirmations. You’re not saying “I can’t have those thoughts” because what will happen there is you will definitely have those thoughts, it’s human nature. What you’re doing is crowding out the negative thoughts by bringing in the positive ones. Over time the positive will push the negative out almost completely.

3: Visualise yourself as a super hero!

Just like affirmations, visualisation can help you tremendously with low self-esteem.

You watch movies, you see the powerful superhero’s being able to show strength and save the planet, now it’s time for you to be one too!

Find somewhere quiet, close your eyes, and see yourself putting on a costume that signified power and confidence to you. You may be Superman, Wonder Woman, or maybe a warrior, something that to you, signifies power. Once you see yourself in that costume, think of the traits that character has and begin to FEEL those traits and powers being transferred over to you. You are starting to absorb the strength and confidence of that character.

This may seem weird or silly at first but give it a chance, see if you feel the difference. You need to have an open mind and heart to allow this to begin changing your self-esteem.

Your visualisation may actually be you, in power clothes, pair of Ray-Ban shades, walking down the street with absolute confidence. You visualise whatever you need to visualise, so long as you completely feel that confidence and power.

Stay in that costume, let the power lift your heart, mind, confidence and esteem up and up and up.

Try these, let me know in the comments how they help.

Which mindset do you have?

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You can have one of two mindsets, you can have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. But what are they?

The first one is the Fixed Mindset. The best way to describe this is to think about that family member we all have who is totally set in their ways. They do something one way only, their way, and have no desire to hear about any other way no matter how much better it is.

They also tend to shy away from things they see as difficult such as challenges, obstacles and effort. They also find it difficult to deal with criticism and negative feedback.

With the Fixed Mindset, people actually believe that they have always had that mindset, it will not change and they will always have that mindset. They believe you need natural talent to be successful in something.

The second is called the Growth Mindset. Imagine that person you know who thrive in challenges, always puts the effort in and always keeps going no matter what the obstacle.

People with the Growth Mindset believe that they can change with experience, effort and time. They believe their intelligence can be developed and improved with effort, learning and persistence.

So, which one do you think is needed for success in your life, career and business? If any of you say Fixed Mindset I’m going to come round and slap you with an angry trout!

If you want to learn more about there two mindsets, check out “Mindset” by Carol Dweck, it’s well worth reading!

Step outside your comfort zone every day

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Our comfort zone, it keeps us safe, warm, comfortable and snuggly. It also keeps us stagnant, scared and weak.

Our comfort zone is brilliant at keeping us safe and protected, it’s like a fluffy blanket that’s been wrapped around us and we never want it to be removed. We all love it, we all love that feeling of safety, but behind all of the fluffy warmth lurks a dark secret.

Our lovely warm, fluffy comfort zone covered in unicorns actually contains evil monsters called procrastination, weakness and stagnation. These are monsters that we really don’t want in our lives and the only way to escape from them is to step out of our warm comfort zone.

Stepping out of the zone doesn’t mean you’re stepping into the unknown, the darkness or the pit of doom, quite the opposite in fact. Stepping out of your comfort zone actually means stepping into a world full of sunshine, beautiful fields and actual Unicorns. A world I call the Growth Zone.

It’s called the Growth Zone because it’s the place where you grow. Your confidence grows, your skills grow and you grow as a person. There’s no secret path to this place of growth but it DOES take effort to make that step out of your comfort zone.

Stepping into the growth zone, even if it’s just dipping your toe into it each day, can make huge differences to you, to your life, your career and your business.

It DOES require effort from you but the very act of doing something each day that makes you think “oh crap!” can change you in so many wonderful ways.

Make connections, go to the cinema on your own, say hi to a stranger, anything like this that makes you feel uncomfortable will help you grow your comfort zone so what was once scary, then becomes natural.

Every time you enter that growth zone, your comfort zone expands to incorporate that new growth. Look at the people who do a skydive, initially they are SO scared but most, when they get back on the ground, would happily do it all again. Their comfort zone has expanded and embraced what they’ve just done. This applies to everything we do in life.

So get out there, escape that comfort zone and enjoy your time in the growth zone.