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Live Video Confidence Course

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The only resource you need to help you break through those fears and blocks so you can go live with confidence and bring your personality and value to the world.


Over the next 9 modules you’re going to learn…

  • Why video is so important
  • The reasons why we shy away from going on live video, or any video
  • Why the technology doesn’t have to be complicated
  • How to deal with trolls and negative comments
  • How to plan your video topics and your videos themselves

And you’re going to achieve…

  • Have plenty of content to talk about
  • Go live in a secret, safe space
  • Go live on your profile
  • Grow your confidence
  • Be much happier on camera

I encourage you to have a note pad, diary, journal, whatever you write in, to document your journey, your feelings and your successes.

I won’t be showing you the steps to go live in Facebook, LinkedIn etc because they change over time, but a quick Google or YouTube search will give you the information you need for this. I will give you a few more tips in the accompanying text in each module.

So relax, get ready, we’re going on a journey together!