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Wayfinder - DD Power Hour Coaching Call

Do you struggle to navigate the mind maze we seem to inhabit? Then the DD Power Hour XL call is for you!

Our mind is noisy, it throws up thoughts that cause us to doubt our abilities and talents. we doubt whether we are good enough, we question “who am I to do this?” or we ask ourselves “Where should I be going?”.

What if you could have 90 minutes dedicated to YOU? Focusing on 1-2 of your most important issues so you can gain the clarity, direction and confidence you need to create the future you deserve.

Are you ready  to have 90 minutes of:

  • AHA moments

  • Breakthroughs

  • Celebrations

  • Laughter

  • Freedom

Book your call below, just $97.

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90 Minute Power Hour XL

I want a Power Hour with you!