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Join the Mindset Magic Circle

How would it feel to be part of a supportive, encouraging community that helps you on your personal growth journey?

  • A place where you can be you, be vulnerable, be safe.

  • A place where you can get the help and support you need whenever you’re feeling down.

  • A place where you can get the knowledge and techniques to raise your confidence.

  • A place that helps you smash your self-doubt.

  • A place that makes you smile just to be in it.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it!

Who’s this Darren guy anyway?

Hey there, pleased to meet you! I’m known as The Self-Doubt Coach and I help people to remember a few things…

  • How amazing they are
  • That they ARE special and valued
  • How capable they are of greatness
  • That they CAN achieve their goals and dreams
  • That their past doesn’t control their future
  • That they DO have reasons to smile every day

In my life I’ve been an Electronics Engineer, an IT guy, worked with lighting and sound theatre tech and now a Life/Mindset Coach. I’ve been coaching people all of my life though, I’ve always been that guy people come to for advice and they feel safe to share virtually everything with me. I must just have that warm aura around me.

I formalised my coaching while on a year-long Health Coach certification course but rather than everything being new, it validated much of what I was doing anyway.

So although it’s been 7 years of formal, professional coaching, it’s been 30 years of helping people to change their lives.

Darren in a red t-shirt

Why join The Mindset Magic Circle?

MMC is a place where you receive coaching, support, advice whenever you need it in our community server as well as our private Facebook group

MMC isn’t just a community where you get some advice then we push you out into the world. We are dedicated to be there on your journey to growing

We also have 2 mastermind calls each month as well as 1-2 guest expert calls too. Mastermind calls give you dedicated YOU time to ask for help, advice and be there in a positive energy

The MMC is a place of transformation and growth. A community based around mindset is nothing if it doesn’t promote and help create transformation, it’s something many of us need and it naturally happens when you’re surrounded by positive people. Jim Rohn famously said “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”, imagine being able to be in that environment every day. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in-person or virtual, Jim’s quote is still true, and the Mindset Magic Circle provides that place to be inspired, motivated and be in that wonderful environment.

Being in that wonderful place helps to do 2 big things, to naturally reduce your feelings of self-doubt (very difficult to doubt ourselves when we have others reminding us how amazing we are), and naturally increasing our confidence which leads to us moving closer to our dreams and goals.

All this seems to happen as if by magic which is why I called the membership “The Mindset Magic Circle”, but really, it’s a mixture of solid coaching techniques, huge amounts of encouragement and a big dollop or love and care.

What people are saying

Here’s a selection of testimonials from Darren’s clients

How can I join this amazing community?

You have 2 ways to be part of the MMC community, monthly and annual. Let’s see what you get…

✅ Regular meetups and sessions
✅ Courses, how-tos and document library
✅ Access to our Discord community server

✅ Access to live workshops
✅ Guest expert sessions
✅ Access to our private Facebook group

Monthly membership

You get everything above, no restrictions.

The investment:


Please note this is a 6-month minimum commitment

Annual membership

You get everything in the monthly membership with the addition of a 90-minute 1:1 coaching call with Darren worth $129.

The investment: