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Mindset Magic Mastery Program

Hi there, I’m Darren and I’ll be your coach today.

Welcome to the Mindset Magic Mastery Program. Here you’ll find out more about the program, if it’s right for you and how you can work with me.

Let’s start at the beginning because that’s a very good place to start as Julie Andrews sang in The Sound of Music. I created this program for 2 people, you and me. It’s something I wish I’d had when I struggled with my mindset, confidence and battled with self-doubt. I’m guessing you’re struggling at least one of those and that’s why you’re here.

Very quickly, before we carry on, I want to let you know that it’s absolutely OK to be feeling this way, virtually everyone on the planet experiences these feelings at some point in their lives and neither of us are any different. The fact that you’re here tells me that you’re strong and willing to put in the work and time to make huge changes in your life, something you should be proud of!

Anyway, let me tell you about the program…

Working together for 8 weeks, we’ll start with a life audit to identify the areas where you need to focus your attention on, look at the core issues and begin to change how you perceive these areas.

You will feel more empowered, more confident, less stressed, more focused and more productive. Your drive to achieve your goals and dreams will increase and you will be reminded of just how amazing you truly are.

You see, I believe that nobody is broken! We ALL have our own confidence and areas of natural and academic expertise and these are the qualities I want you to fall in love with once again.

Over the 8 weeks you will begin to surprise yourself with how confident you’re becoming and how you see your future with positivity and excitement.

  • You will have a weekly Zoom call with me for 60-90 minutes. A time that’s totally for YOU.
  • Each call is recorded so you have lifetime access to them.
  • You will have access to me via email, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp on a daily basis if you need it.
  • You will have accountability from me on your tasks.
  • You will be given tasks based on that week’s call for you to work on.
  • You will get a free copy of my Live Video Confidence Course and have lifetime access to it.
  • I will share various websites, documents and videos to help you, motivate you and inspire you.

So how much will the investment be for all of this? Good question!

Working with me for 8 weeks will be $1397 (20% discount during January 2022 – $1117)

Working with me is on an application basis so we can make sure we’re a good fit. Head on over to the application form below, answer the questions honestly and let’s begin this journey together.

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