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Pathfinder 12-Week Program

We all need help from time to time, some need a little support, some need longer support. Pathfinder has been created for those of you who need that longer period of support and growth.
You’re considered a successful person, you have a comfortable income, yet you still feel like something is holding you back from reaching the next level in your life, business, career or all 3. It’s frustrating like trying to actually see those little floaters in your eyesight, you look and it moves away. This can be how it feels sometimes when your heart wants to move to that next step but you just can’t get there.
You’re capable of SO much more but it’s like you have the 1 tonne Acme weight from the Road Runner cartoons tied to your ankle.
Imagine working on your mindset, self-doubt, imposter syndrome and confidence for 12 weeks, each week building up on the previous to create an amazing journey of confidence and growth.
During the 12 weeks together we will cover:
  • Seeing where you are right now
  • Looking at what’s holding you back
  • Building your strong foundations
  • Strengthening your mindset and inner talk
  • Overcoming fear of failure and taking risks
  • Creating a great support network
  • Building your communication skills (including live video)
  • Smashing the comparison trap
  • Getting yourself out there into the world with confidence
  • Helping you get to the next level
  • and much more!
There is a weekly, 1-hour Zoom call throughout the 12 weeks as well as access during office hours on weekdays via the Telegram or Voxer apps.
Are you ready to shed those shackles and move up to the next level?
Pathfinder is an application-based program, hit that button, fill out the application form and let’s start this epic journey together!
Current price is $997. Snap it up before the price increases!
I want Pathfinder!