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Pioneer: Audio Editing

You’ve just done a meditation over Facebook Live, or you’re recorded a podcast episode but it hasn’t turn out as high quality as you wanted.
The quality isn’t great, there are too many umms and ahhs, or maybe the meditation is only part of the whole live video. If you aren’t familiar with audio editing techniques you either have to put out a less than perfect product, or you have to record that podcast episode yet again.
What if you could get that file edited and enhanced? What if you could have something that sounds more like it was recorded in a sound studio?
Using my years of electronics and professional audio experience, I can provide this service for you.
I can work on a single audio/video file, or I can take on a package of multiple files.
Price is $30 per hour of audio with a minimum of $15 per project.
Hit the button to let me know your requirements and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.
I'm interested!