The Accountable

$69.00 / month



The Accountable

It’s time to achieve the goals you’ve been putting off for too long.

Introducing “The Accountable”!

We all have plans, ideas and strategies, and that’s fabulous and wonderful, but what about taking action and implementing those plans?

Do you start with determination and drive, but quickly run out of steam, then beat yourself up for not getting things done?

What if you had someone in your pocket each morning to keep you accountable and provide coaching to help you achieve your tasks every day.

Imagine staying consistent for days, weeks and months. Imagine where you would be in that time.

Running a successful accountability call every Friday, I know the value of having someone right there, keeping you on track and providing coaching, encouragement and empowerment.

One of the many testimonials I’ve received said…

I have found the accountability calls with Darren to be incredibly valuable. Not only have they helped motivate me to stay on task and get stuff done, he's provided insight to help with those tasks.

And now I’m bringing this to you for an introductory price of just $69 per month!

I was considering this as a group programme but I want you to get the 1:1 time dedicated to you, something that can sometimes get lost within a group setting.

Each morning (your time, not my time), we will chat on the Telegram app, discuss what your tasks are for the day as well as covering the tasks from the day before.

I will hold you accountable to your tasks as well as giving you the coaching and encouragement you need to help you achieve those tasks.

As they say, you can have excuses or results, but not both. Which do you want?

How does this sound?

Would it help you to achieve your goals?

Note: This is a recurring monthly payment.