The 5-Day Self-Doubt Crusher Challenge

Are you ready to crush your self-doubt?

It’s time to step up, jump in, and start crushing!



Time to look at what you really want in life and begin having a vision of your life without doubts and limits. We look at what you want and where you want to be.


Let’s identify those pesky doubts that are holding you back from the life you desire. Sometimes we have doubts and feelings and don’t even realise how significant and powerful they are.


This is where it gets interesting and real. We look at whether those doubts are valid or a big pile of donkey doo! We take those doubts and seeing the other side of that fence and what can be achieved.


The process of crushing your doubts actually started in Day 3 but Day 4 starts to give you the mindset tools to go further, deeper and stronger. 


The final day is where we put it all together. We look at how far you’ve come in these few short days, how far you can actually go and how we can create a limitless life.

Darren Danks, The Self-Doubt Coach

Darren has gone through a big chunk of his life doubting himself. From school life through higher education and into his career.

He started as an Electronics Engineer and has worked on systems from welding to professional audio and aerospace. He always knew there was more he wanted to do in life though. He has always been someone people gravitate toward, share their life stories and receive amazing advice from. He was always a coach before he even realised it.

Darren became British archery champion, holder of 9 national records and a qualified archery coach. It was here that his formal coaching training began and thrived.

To take it even further, he studies for a year to become and Certified Health Coach which gave him a formal structure and methodology which enhanced his coaching abilities.

He now works with people around the world to help them smash through their blocks, begin moving forward with confidence and creating the life they truly dream of.

He has experienced self-doubt, lack of confidence and has found ways to turn it around. These are just some of the tools he uses in his coaching as well as a strong intuition, vast experience and a fantastic understanding of people.

I can’t wait to help you begin crushing your self-doubt. Your life will change, your future will change and your happiness will change!

Some of the comments I get as The Self-Doubt coach

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Are you ready to crush your doubts?

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