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You are not your past!

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I want to tell you something important, YOU ARE NOT YOUR PAST!

Events and experiences from our past have got to to where we are, but that should be their only role.

Why do I say this?

Because your future is not yet written, it is yet to be created and guess what, YOU ARE THE CREATOR!!!

That’s right, you have control over where you go and what you do in your future.

So why would you want the shitty experiences from your past to be the mould that shapes your future?

Nobody wants that!

But we do this all the time!

It’s time to take back control over your destiny. You are more than capable of doing it and I can help you.

I’ve been there, it was one of the themes in my life for many years but I did the inner work, did the mindset shifts and left that behind me.

In my DD Power Hour XL coaching call you have 90 minutes of YOU time where we can work through 1-2 areas that are holding you back. It may be confidence, past experiences affecting current mindset, whatever mindset issue it is, we can work through it to get you unstuck and moving forward again.

It’s like the breakdown service who come out and fix your car so you can continue on to your destination. We do that for YOU.

Book your DD Power Hour XL call HERE, it’ll be great to help you.

Are You Scared Of Success?

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I’m going to get you really thinking with this post.

When we procrastinate, doubt ourselves and hold ourselves back, it may not be a fear of failing that causes us to do these things, it could actually be a fear of succeeding!

Think about it, what happens when you begin to succeed? You get thrust into the spotlight, all eyes start being on you and you start being the centre of attention.

The results of being successful can be scary!

Ask yourself something. Are you scared of fucking up?

Now think about not messing up but doing the opposite, you do everything right and Mr Success comes to visit. 

This happened to me back in my archery days. While I was working towards being a champion archer, nobody really noticed me, I was in the shadows and could just carry on doing my thing.

Then the British championships happened and my first attempt saw me coming second and getting the silver medal. People noticed me, people watched me, people suddenly started to monitor everything I did, whether it was my work ethic when practising or what I was achieving in the single-day tournaments.

Then the first gold medal happened, the national records happened and everything was amplified. There was archery media attention at tournaments, every shot was watched and analysed on the Thursday and Friday evenings at local clubs.


This wasn’t an overnight thing, the more things you do right, the more attention you get but it’s a slow-burn and usually at a pace you can get used to.

One of the big worries is that people are going to go from obscure to fame in the time it takes to have a good night sleep, but it’s not like that.

I promise you, the journey of success is easier and smoother than you think.

Our mind creates this big thing about it, turns cute little kittens into wild tigers, a tiny puddle into a deep lake and a speed ramp into a whole mountain. The reality is much nicer and easier to swallow.

I can help you on this journey to success, help you navigate the worries and the fears and help you celebrate when you make it.

Book a call with me HERE. A quick 30 minute free call will help identify where you want to go and how we can work together.

5 Ways to feel good each day

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You know those days when you just feel “Meh”? You really want to feel happier and more energetic but not sure what you can do to make that happen.

Worry not, I’m here to give you 5 tips to banish the ‘Meh’ monsters and feel happier.

1: Be polite, it makes you feel good!

We can go through our day filled with our own thoughts and ignoring other people but that’s like living in a steel box, we don’t have the connection and interaction that we, as humans, crave and need.

When we begin to be more aware of the people around us, be polite with them, and receive the same back, it lifts our hearts and helps us feel happier each day.

2: Smile at people, it makes them feel good!

Did you know that smiling releases neuropeptides in your brain? Do you even know what neuropeptides do? Well, let me tell you, these little fellas help you fight off stress.

When you smile you also release the happy hormones in your brain, Dopamine and Seratonin, that help you feel much happier.

So smile, smile at someone in the street as you catch each other’s eyes, smile at work colleagues and friends. Trust me, you’ll feel much better!

3: Random acts of kindness, it makes everyone feel good!

Think about how you feel when a stranger holds the door open for you or stops and lets you out when you’re driving. Feels good doesn’t it. You know what, doing them for others feels just as good!

It can be holding a door open for someone, picking something up that has been dropped, or being there for someone if they’re upset. Any of these acts of kindness not only makes the person receiving them feel good, but they help you feel good too.

So what could you do today?


4: Tell yourself today is going to be a fabulous day

This is in the form of affirmations. I’ve written about affirmations before and with good reason, they work. Doing affirmations each day can, over time, actually re-wire your brain to be naturally happier.

Examples of affirmations are:
Today is going to be an amazing day!
I choose to be happy today.
I am confident and strong.

Try them morning and night, you’ll start to see changes in your day.

5: Stop reading the news.

There’s no hiding from the fact that the media thrives on shock, fear, scandal, and making you feel inadequate, it’s their bread and butter work, but it’s not good for you!

Look at the tv, internet, newspaper, wherever you get your daily dose of news from, and just look at how many stories are negative. I would actually say it’s 60% and above, and a mixture of war, violence, how amazing a celeb looks (and implying that you don’t) and many more stories like that.

Remember, you are what you surround yourself with, so if you surround yourself with crap by consuming all that negative media, you are going to feel like crap.

It’s time to do a news detox!