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The only course you need
to create YOUR own amazing podcast: from beginner to expert!

Everything you need to know from creating, editing and hitting publish!

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  • How often have you thought about creating a podcast but stopped because you thought it was too technical or complicated.
  • Have you looked at those services out there that create podcasts for you but were put off by the cost?
  • What if you could create your own podcast episodes with confidence and in many cases, with very little financial investment?
  • Would you love to be able to get your knowledge, wisdom and wonderful personality out there through the power of podcasts?

The Podcast Creator Course is THE course for you!

Walking you through each step via a workbook and comprehensive videos, you will gently build your knowledge and quickly be able to produce your own episodes and publish them onto podcast directories such as Apple Podcasts.

In fact, having your podcast in the podcast directories will get your podcast onto the smart speakers and people can simply ask Alexa or Google to play YOUR podcast! How cool will that be!

Containing a fantastic workbook and over 3 hours of video training, The Podcast Creator Course will give you the confidence to create your podcast and give your mindset a huge boost because you’ll be proud of what you achieved.

The course will help you learn how to:

Choose the tech you need such as microphones

Record your episodes

Edit your episodes

Find a podcast hosting service

Publish your podcast

Create your show notes

Produce the entire episode using multitrack editing

Getting your podcast onto the directories such as Apple Podcasts

Using AI to help you create episode ideas

Are you ready to create YOUR podcast?

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