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Mindset and Confidence


Enticing isn’t it, magical even.

Let me tell you an actual secret, it’s BS!

I’ve seen plenty of “coaches” offering these type of breakthroughs and of course we feel that twinge of desire, of course we want those magical shortcuts to the success and life we dream of.

Years ago I was tempted by these offers myself. They sound amazing, they seem like we’re in the Matrix and we’re downloading whatever we need straight into our brain in moments.

Again though….. they’re BS!

Mindset growth, Self-Doubt and Impostor Syndrome reduction are all achieved with small sustained steps over time. Taken with a coach like myself is even better.

Another trait of these “offers” is that you’re useless and you need to be taught everything needed to be a success in life. Again…. BS!!! You already have greatness inside of you, you already have amazing skills and abilities, they simply need to be brought back to the surface.

A good coach will help you to discover your true needs and goals, they will help you gain clarity of what’s stopping you from achieving those goals and they will work with you to create action steps to get there. All this is done over time, not overnight.

A good coach will not expect you to bend to their way, they will not treat you as a number or coach you in a “cookie cutter” way, they will work WITH you and find the best way FOR YOU.

Everything you want to achieve is achievable by you, maybe not the power of levitation though, not without the aid of a good curry and a big tin of beans anyway! ??

I have spaces available right now to work with me on a 1:1 basis, all based around my Discovery – Clarity – Action framework. I will never promise you overnight success but I will promise you changes in your mindset, clarity and confidence over the time we will be working together. These will lead to greater forward movement in your life and business, greater success and greater happiness.

Want to cut through those cords that feel like they’re holding you back?

Want to move forward with more confidence and success?

Contact Me and let’s see what journey we can go on together.

Darren Danks

Darren is The Self Doubt Coach. He helps you to break through the blocks that are holding you back, he cheerleads your successes and pushes you to be a better you. He has been British archery champion, holder of 9 national records and coached other archers to push through a mindset block called target shyness.

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