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The only bundle you need to increase your visibility, confidence, audience and sales!

Create content, podcasts and go live with confidence and authority!

Gimme the bundle!
  • How often have you thought about creating a podcast but stopped because you thought it was too technical or complicated?
  • How often have you wanted to go live on video but felt too nervous or scared?
  • How often have you sat at your computer intending to create content but go completely blank?
  • The Visibility Bundle helps you to break through those blocks, worries and fears.
  • It helps you to put yourself out there easily and with confidence.
  • It helps you to grow your audience and following.
  • It helps you to make more money!

The Visibility Bundle is THE bundle for you!

This is the perfect bundle to help you to step out from the shadows and into your own spotlight, whether in written content, your own podcast, in live videos or even YouTube videos.

The thought of being more visible can feel scary but the 3 products in this bundle will help you with creating content and confidence, becoming comfortable clicking that “Go Live” button or being in the ears of people around the world via your podcast episodes.

But what does this give you? Good question!

Being more visible and doing it with more confidence leads to…

  • Growing your audience
  • Bringing in more clients
  • Making more money
  • Growing and scaling your business
  • Feeling fantastic
  • Being proud of yourself

All these will positively impact your life in wonderful and beautiful ways. It can be truly magical!

First in the bundle is the Content and Confidence Pocket Guide ($27 value)
A guide to help you to not only create content but to do it with confidence, whether it’s text-based content or video content.

The guide has 5 sections that will take you on a journey to being a content master.

  • Getting Started
  • Were nothing without ideas
  • Mindset Mastery
  • Content Creation
  • Dealing with the trolls

Using the guide you will…

  • Feel happier to put yourself out there
  • Having a workflow and process to create consistent content
  • Apply the techniques to written and video content
  • How to deal with any trolls if they appear

Next in the Visibility Bundle is my Live Video Confidence Course ($99 value)

A course designed to help you to not only hit that “Go Live” button for the first time, but to keep going live, each time building more and more comfort and confidence.

Over  9 modules you’re going to learn…

  • Why video is so important
  • The reasons why we shy away from going on live video, or any video
  • Why the technology doesn’t have to be complicated
  • How to deal with trolls and negative comments
  • How to plan your video topics and your videos themselves

And you’re going to achieve…

  • Have plenty of content to talk about
  • Go live in a secret, safe space
  • Go live on your profile
  • Grow your confidence
  • Be much happier on camera

And finally we have The Podcast Creator ($247 value)

This course is going to take you from being a podcast beginner to recording, editing and publishing your own podcast episodes with ease and confidence. You won’t need another course to become a podcast expert!

You will learn:

  • Choose the tech you need such as microphones
  • Record your episodes
  • Edit your episodes
  • Find a podcast hosting service
  • Publish your podcast
  • Create your show notes
  • Produce the entire episode using multitrack editing
  • Getting your podcast onto the directories such as Apple Podcasts
  • Using AI to help you create episode ideas

This is a practical course which will get you going on your podcast journey quickly and in easy to follow steps.

This bundle will help you to:

Create content with ease

Eliminate those blank thought moments

Plan your content in advance

Break through the fear of going live

Become confident on camera

Connect with your audience much better

Demystify the tech of podcasts

Take you through the podcast process, start to finish

Getting your podcast onto the directories such as Apple Podcasts

Are you ready to become more visible and get more sales?

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