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Mindset and Confidence

True confidence is only for the select few, right?

True confidence is only for the select few, right?

Absolutely not, confidence, true and ultra confidence is for EVERYONE and no matter what you think, you are capable of it and you deserve it!

It’s not all about walking down the street and everyone moves out of your way like Morpheus in The Matrix, true confidence is simply being comfortable with who you are and what you do. 

Confidence begins within us. It’s not about telling everyone how confident you are. Being unapologeticaly you is a learned skill, it’s not one of those things you either have or you haven’t.

If it’s a learned skill then that means we ALL can learn it. We can ALL be confident and we can ALL be successful.

Never ever feel that confidence is something you’ll never have. You are far better than that and you deserve more!

Begin with showing yourself some self-love. Start by choosing something each day to compliment yourself on. Maybe it’s your smile, you friendliness, how well you connect with people. There will definitely be something you can choose. Simply tell yourself a few times that day “Wow, you have such a great smile” or “You put people at ease SO easily”, or whatever you choose that day.

You can do this!

You deserve this!

Confidence is all yours!

As The Self-Doubt Coach, I help my clients with this all the time and I can help you too! Slippery slide onto my contact me page and let’s start this journey together.

The Self-Doubt Coach

Darren Danks

Darren is The Self Doubt Coach. He helps you to break through the blocks that are holding you back, he cheerleads your successes and pushes you to be a better you. He has been British archery champion, holder of 9 national records and coached other archers to push through a mindset block called target shyness.

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