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Hi, I’m Darren, The Self-Doubt Coach. I’m a geek, mindset coach, lover of laughing, ex British archery champion and holder of 9 national records. I’ve had 3 careers, electronics engineer, IT support (+ video and audio editing, theatre tech), and now I’ve finally found my true path.

Although I started out in a technical career, I’ve always been someone who people come to to talk, for advice and for help. It was a natural progression and a following of my true path that I studied to become a coach.

So here I am, The Self-Doubt Coach helping you to break through your limits, go for those dreams that have been such a big part of your heart and transform your life. Those goals and desires you have are indeed achievable but many of us either don’t know how to get there or are too scared to make the leap.

I know those thoughts, I’ve been there myself.

Do you recognise any of these?

  • You dread going to work each day
  • You feel stuck in life
  • You want to make a change but yo’re scared
  • You want to make a change but don’t know how
  • You know in your heart there’s more to this life
  • You feel like something is holding you back
  • You want to scream out “I NEED MORE!”

Just a few short years ago I resonated with ever single one of those! I don’t use the word hate but I actually hated going into work each day and I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.

I made the conscious decision to change my situation, to follow the path of my dreams. I was already a certified coach and it was time to do what I’d been doing all of my life, help people and change lives.

The list above isn’t a life sentence, it doesn’t define your future! The list above is a starting point that you will see drift into the distance as you begin making the changes you never thought you could.

All that starts when we work together!

Self Worth

We seem to be constantly told we’re not good enough, not skinny enough, not beautiful enough. Let me tell you, you ARE good enough and together we will prove that.

Low Confidence?

We all have those dreams of us going out there with confidence, living the life you desire. There are many things around us that try to push our confidence down but they can be overcome and we can step into our spotlight once more.

Lacking Motivation

We’ve all had those times where we know what we need to do but lack the motivation to actually go do it. Together we can find that drive again.


I loved how Darren was able to help me despite me being from a different culture. His experience working with others from Eastern traditions has served him really well, I think. Daz made me laugh and replace fear with humour. When a situation came where I normally would have been scared, I was thinking 'Bring it on. I'm super confident about who I am right now and the direction I'm going in. It's amazing how he can stay so professional but at the same time be so generous with his love. It makes the experience of working with him like none other.
Writing Coach
A power hour with Darren is like learning the Riddikulus spell for insecurity and self doubt. With understanding and encouragement, alongside brilliant and hilarious metaphors and similes, he helped me to reframe my thoughts so that they could no longer hold me back. He has the perfect balance between gentle encouragement and frank honesty and manages leave you feeling like you could take on the world. His sense of humour will leave you in stitches and with mental images to really stick those lessons and reminders in to your brain!
Business Coach
Darren has the very special ability to hone in on your needs and simplify them so they are attainable. Apart from the fact he makes me all steamy under the collar and fogs up my glasses (location joke 😆) he knows the right time to gently coach brilliance out of you and the right time to tell you to just shut up and listen to his golden knowledge bombs. He really has helped me find the focus I needed to figure out where my self doubts were coming from and he offered me such simple solutions. Thanks Daz for a truly informative and extremely helpful XL Power Hour
Hypnotherapist and Brain Trainer

Doubting yourself is natural

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