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My top 3 Ways to hit your goals

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So, you’ve decided what your goals are for this year but will you hit your goals? How far along that road to them are you?

Are you still thinking “It’s ok, I’ve got plenty of time to do them”?

Will you still be thinking the same in 6 months time?

Let’s help you get closer to achieving your goals shall we with 3 tips to get you there.

1 – Write your goals down

Keeping them in your head means they are simply dreams. Writing them down though puts them into reality and helps you hit your goals.

Writing down your goals also activates processes in your brain which vastly improves the chance of your achieving them.


2 – Tell someone about them

Telling people what your goals are, gives you accountability. If you tell no-one there will be nobody to keep you on track and you won’t be pushed psychologically. When you tell someone, tell a group or even announce them on social media so you have THOUSANDS of people who know what you’re meant to be achieving, it gives you a huge push to get things done, otherwise, you dread people asking “Have you done them yet?”.

Again, this is another weapon against procrastination and helps you to hit your goals.


3 – Use a task manager/todo app with deadlines and reminders

Keeping your goals on paper is great but it relies on you reviewing them on a regular basis and seeing where you are. A better option is to use a task manager app such as Todoist, Omnifocus or Microsoft Todo where you can set deadlines and reminders. The reminders will trigger an alarm on your phone, tablet or computer to tell you that a task needs to be done.

Without this, unless you have an absolutely rock-solid process in place, you will begin to miss deadlines, forget to review your task and project list and ultimately fail to achieve your goals.

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