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I get it, we think we can do it all, we have that stuff sorted, but in reality, we all need help from time to time. It’s not a weakness, it’s just life and business.
We may need help with overcoming self-doubt or imposter syndrome, we may need help to strengthen our confidence, we may even need a little help with using apps to help our confidence and productivity.
Whatever you need, it’s time for you to ask for that help.
Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s one of the strongest things you can do for yourself!
Are you ready to ask for that help? To invest in yourself and your future?

But why do you need me? How can I help you?

My work isn’t just based on my coaching training and certifications, it’s based on life experience, my own issues I’ve overcome, from a lack of support, being put down and to doubting myself. I took all of those and overcame them, found the inner strength to succeed and created the life I want. I’ve also been British archery champion and holder of 9 national records so I know what it takes to build a strong mindset of a champion!

Let’s have a look how we can work together…

Live Video Confidence Course

There’s no doubt that video is a powerful medium to get your message, wisdom and greatness out there, but getting on video, whether live or pre-recorded can be scary, it can make a bit of poop pop out at just the thought of hitting that “Go Live” button!

My Live Video Confidence Course gently guides you through the process, helps you become comfortable being on camera, helps you to plan your content and your videos, before you ever announce yourself to the world!

One comment received about the course says:

“Where to begin: from realising how to create content; planning my schedule; having the confidence to put it out to the world and even looking at the tech options; every step is a gem. “

Head on over to the course page to find out more and get your lifetime access:

Live Video Confidence Course

DD Power Hour Call

Are you feeling stuck? Like you’re static in your life or business? How does having 90 minutes with a mindset coach to help you break through the most prominent 1-2 issues you may have sound to you?
My power hour call is designed to get you back on track and moving forward both in your life and in your business.
Just a selection of the many comments I’ve received are:
“A power hour with Darren is like learning the Riddikulus spell for insecurity and self doubt. With understanding and encouragement, alongside brilliant and hilarious metaphors and similes, he helped me to reframe my thoughts so that they could no longer hold me back.”
“Darren, that call with you was has truly transformed my mindset and self-belief. So many limiting beliefs removed! I can’t thank you enough for your time!”
I can’t wait to get to know you and help you through the DD Power Hour Call.
Click on the button below to book your call with me for just $119.
DD Power Hour Call

Pioneer Audio Editing / Enhancement

Have you done a meditation on Facebook Live, would love to offer it as a product to your clients but the quality isn’t too good or it’s just part of a longer live video?

Maybe you’ve recorded a podcast episode that isn’t the quality you’d hoped for?

My Pioneer service can help improve this.

Pioneer Audio Editing

Pathfinder 1:1 Coaching Program

Pathfinder is a 12-week program designed to not only help you overcome self-doubt and impostor syndrome, but to help you create a strong sense of self-confidence, help you communicate with confidence and embrace being visible on social media and indeed, in the world.

There is a weekly, 1-hour Zoom call throughout the 12 weeks as well as access during office hours on weekdays via the Telegram app.

During the 12 weeks we will cover:
  • Seeing where you are right now
  • Looking at what’s holding you back
  • Building your strong foundations
  • Strengthening your mindset and inner talk
  • Overcoming fear of failure and taking risks
  • Creating a great support network
  • Building your communication skills (including live video)
  • Smashing the comparison trap
  • Getting yourself out there into the world with confidence
  • Helping you get to the next level

Pathfinder is an application-based program and is currently priced at $997 (Payment plan available)

Contact me through the website to ask for more details and be sent the application form to work with me.