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Overcome self-doubt in 3 easy steps

By Mindset and Confidence

There’s no doubt that self-doubt is part of life, but that does’t mean it has a place in our lives. There are many ways to begin to overcome self-doubt and today, I want to give you 3 easy steps to help you along that journey.

When you start to overcome your self-doubt, your confidence naturally raises and strengthens.

So, the first step I want to talk about is:


What do I mean by that? We go through life, many times not realising we’re doing something because it happens so naturally. Those doubts we have is exactly one of those things. We speak about it without even thinking.

But, when we begin to become more aware of our negative and doubting thoughts, we begin to gain the ability to question and control those thoughts.

It can be difficult to be consciously aware of those natural and automative thoughts but with a little effort and self-awareness, it can definitely be done and you’re well on your way to overcoming that self-doubt.


Another big step is to question those thoughts we become aware of. If you think “I can’t do that”, reframe it with an additional of a simple word…. yet. It them becomes “I can’t do that… yet”. This is telling your brain that you’re capable of doing it but you simply need to learn a little more. It changes “Never going to happen” to “It’s going to happen soon”.

Can you see how questioning and reframing can be simple yet powerful?

And finally…


Celebrate your wins and achievements. This is something we don’t do on a daily basis or even at all. We don’t give the value and significance to our achievements and wins because it’s just something we do naturally.

Hint: What’s normal for us, is amazing and inspirational to others!

It doesn’t matter if the achievement / win is small or if it’s large, it needs to be recognised and celebrated so we condition our brain to give value to all of our wins. The more we do this, the less self-doubt we feel and the more confidence we have.

How did you find these 3 steps? Are you ready to implement them? Do you need help? If you do, contact me and oet’s chat about working together.

The Self-Doubt Coach

Going live online can give you the botty squeezes!

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It doesn’t have to be that way though. Like most things with mindset and confidence growth, small steps are the key to growing at a rate that feels good, give you results and doesn’t make you want to poop.

One of the things I teach in my Live Video Confidence Course is to practise in a private area that’s away from anyone but helps you to get used to being on camera. It acts like muscle memory, the more you do the same thing, the easier it feels to do it.

While going live can definitely be scary, it’s surprising how quickly that fear dissolves away. I had it when I began my Periscope journey, it was my first real entrance into live broadcasting and the first few broadcasts only lasted 10-15 minutes and I felt SO uncomfortable.

Over time, those 10-15 minutes grew to 30 minutes then an hour and my longest broadcast was around 4 hours long!

All that began though with the short broadcasts that helped me get used to being out there on live video.

I absolutely promise you that it’s possible and those scary feelings will fade much quicker than you realise.

If you need help with putting yourself out there on live video or even pre-recorded video, my Live Video Confidence Course is perfect for you.  One of the reviews I’ve received about it said “Where to begin: from realising how to create content; planning my schedule; having the confidence to put it out to the world and even looking at the tech options; every step is a gem. “.

Once purchased you get lifetime access to it and if I update anything in the course, you get that too. Head on over to the link in the comments to grab your copy.

Live Video Confidence Course Page:


Doubting yourself is natural

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It’s true and it’s something we’re mostly powerless against.

But that only accounts for those initial thoughts of doubt. We DO have control over what we do next.

It’s like eating healthy won’t stop you getting colds and stuff like that but it does help those nasties go away very quickly.

Doing the inner mindset work will help you to recognise those doubting thoughts and take control over them instead of them having control over you.

My first piece of advice is not to allow those doubtful thoughts to drag you down because you did not consciously create them.

My next piece of advice is to question those thoughts. “Are these doubts true or a big pile of doo doo?”. Be honest and you’ll find that almost every time you will come to the realisation that they’re doo doo.

Remember, doubting yourself is natural and not your fault. What IS your fault is when you choose not to do anything about it and then complain about those doubts.

Do you need help with deal with your doubts. I’m The Self-Doubt Coach and I can help you push through them, control them and move toward the life and business you desire.

Contact me and we’ll see how you can work with me.


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Enticing isn’t it, magical even.

Let me tell you an actual secret, it’s BS!

I’ve seen plenty of “coaches” offering these type of breakthroughs and of course we feel that twinge of desire, of course we want those magical shortcuts to the success and life we dream of.

Years ago I was tempted by these offers myself. They sound amazing, they seem like we’re in the Matrix and we’re downloading whatever we need straight into our brain in moments.

Again though….. they’re BS!

Mindset growth, Self-Doubt and Impostor Syndrome reduction are all achieved with small sustained steps over time. Taken with a coach like myself is even better.

Another trait of these “offers” is that you’re useless and you need to be taught everything needed to be a success in life. Again…. BS!!! You already have greatness inside of you, you already have amazing skills and abilities, they simply need to be brought back to the surface.

A good coach will help you to discover your true needs and goals, they will help you gain clarity of what’s stopping you from achieving those goals and they will work with you to create action steps to get there. All this is done over time, not overnight.

A good coach will not expect you to bend to their way, they will not treat you as a number or coach you in a “cookie cutter” way, they will work WITH you and find the best way FOR YOU.

Everything you want to achieve is achievable by you, maybe not the power of levitation though, not without the aid of a good curry and a big tin of beans anyway! ??

I have spaces available right now to work with me on a 1:1 basis, all based around my Discovery – Clarity – Action framework. I will never promise you overnight success but I will promise you changes in your mindset, clarity and confidence over the time we will be working together. These will lead to greater forward movement in your life and business, greater success and greater happiness.

Want to cut through those cords that feel like they’re holding you back?

Want to move forward with more confidence and success?

Contact Me and let’s see what journey we can go on together.

True confidence is only for the select few, right?

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True confidence is only for the select few, right?

Absolutely not, confidence, true and ultra confidence is for EVERYONE and no matter what you think, you are capable of it and you deserve it!

It’s not all about walking down the street and everyone moves out of your way like Morpheus in The Matrix, true confidence is simply being comfortable with who you are and what you do. 

Confidence begins within us. It’s not about telling everyone how confident you are. Being unapologeticaly you is a learned skill, it’s not one of those things you either have or you haven’t.

If it’s a learned skill then that means we ALL can learn it. We can ALL be confident and we can ALL be successful.

Never ever feel that confidence is something you’ll never have. You are far better than that and you deserve more!

Begin with showing yourself some self-love. Start by choosing something each day to compliment yourself on. Maybe it’s your smile, you friendliness, how well you connect with people. There will definitely be something you can choose. Simply tell yourself a few times that day “Wow, you have such a great smile” or “You put people at ease SO easily”, or whatever you choose that day.

You can do this!

You deserve this!

Confidence is all yours!

As The Self-Doubt Coach, I help my clients with this all the time and I can help you too! Slippery slide onto my contact me page and let’s start this journey together.

The Self-Doubt Coach

It’s not your fault!

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It’s not your fault!

Impostor syndrome is not your fault

Self-doubt is not your faulty

Lack of confidence is not your fault

We are conditioned from an early age from media, family and friends. We are conditioned to compare ourselves. We are conditioned to feel less than amazing


? Impostor syndrome is not your fault!

? Self-doubt is not your faulty!

? Lack of confidence is not your fault!

We are conditioned from an early age to compare ourselves, to put ourselves down, to hold ourselves back.

We are conditioned from family, friends, the media, magazines, newspapers. That conditioning doesn’t stop when we become adults, it carries on throughout our lives.

When you know how things are though, you can begin taking your control and power back!

Stop feeling like you have no power, take your power back and create the life that you desire and deserve!

It’s not your fault for feeling this way but it IS your fault if you don’t do anything about it.

We sometimes feel we are powerless to change the world but the reality is that we are powerful enough to change the world around us and that’s all we need to do.


Now go take back your power and create the life you deserve!

As always, if you need help getting there, you can work with me as your coach and mentor. Contact me for more info!

The Self-Doubt Coach

3 Tips To Overcome Self Doubt

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Here are 3 ways to help you overcome those pesky self doubt thoughts…

Tip 1

Stop comparing yourself!

However much we want to look at the success and progress of others in our industry and be inspired by them, that very quickly and very easily turns into comparison and judgement on ourselves. “Why are they so far ahead of me?”. “How are they making more money?”. “Why are they better than me?”.

Stop this madness! Comparing yourself to others almost always leads to doubting yourself and holding yourself back.

Just be you! You are enough!

Tip 2

Stop using the expectations of others as your own.

Everyone has their own idea of what success looks like, it’s as unique as your fingerprint. Yet we still set our own success expectations to match those of others. You are unique and wonderful and should set your OWN expectations. Using those of others will only lead to feelings of inadequacy and failure.

Tip 3

Look backwards to move forwards.

OK Daz, WTF are you talking about??? Stick with me on this one.

Our past achievements contain all the proof we need to show us that we ARE good enough. You’ve passed your academic exams, maybe had sporting wins, started a family and many more. All of these give you the evidence to show you how amazing you are and how capable you are of achieving things we set out to achieve.


I used to do all of these but tapping back into my archery champion mindset helped me to push past each and every one of them, be myself and be successful on MY terms.

Want to work with a mindset coach who has been described as “World class”? A coach who has also been British Archery Champion and knows what it takes to get there and stay at the top?

Contact me and let’s chat about how we can work together…..

I thought I would never be good enough

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I remember a time when I never thought I’d be good enough to be a coach.

I used to look at other coaches and be in awe of them. I never thought I would or could be as good as they were.

Does this sound familiar?

Over the years I’ve had to do a lot of work to break out of that cycle of not believing I was good enough, not believing I could be in the same league as those other coaches I once looked up to and not believing I could change lives, something I’ve always wanted to do the whole of my life. Something I know is my purpose here.

I stopped the comparisons. I saw other coaches for what they are, just people. I began believing in myself and over time the Impostor Syndrome mostly stopped (I don’t believe we ever get rid of it 100% but we DO control it). 

When I was called “World Class” it brought up those Impostor Feelings again but this time they didn’t last long because I’d done the work, I knew who I was and what I can do, and I absolutely knew those thoughts were false.

Once you can objectively look at those thoughts and recognise them for what they truly are, false, you take back control over your life.

All the work I’ve done to mostly eliminate my own Impostor Syndrome I bring into my coaching so it can help my clients just like it helped me.

Have you gone through a similar journey? I’d love to hear more.

The Self-Doubt Coach

Big Impostor Syndrome Tip

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I have a big tip for you today. Something I’ve used myself to greatly reduce any feelings of impostor syndrome.

Now I know there are plenty of tips around impostor syndrome and I’m sure you’ve seen them if you’ve been Googling ways to help you stop feeling like you’re holding yourself back because you don’t feel like you have any right to help others using your expertise.

One of the biggies that helped me though is not to listen but to truly HEAR the compliments you receive whether in a testimonial, in a message or as a comment on a social media post.

The tendency to brush those off is a big one but once we begin to push ourselves to truly read and absorb them we begin to realise that we DO have the right to use our expertise.

Take screenshots of them, save them in a folder called “Inspiration” or something else that’s meaningful to you and browse through that folder at least once a week!

When you jump into a puddle of poo, you get out and have poo stuck all over you. Lovely image eh! In the same way, when you jump into a folder of amazing and wonderful things being said about you, when you climb out of that folder it’s inevitable that a good portion of that positivity sucks to you, you listen to it, you hear it, you FEEL it.

And the thing is, it’s never too late to begin doing this. Go back a month or two (or even longer) and collect all those compliments. Most of us are on multiple social media platforms or we have email lists or we have feedback forms for clients. They are ALL a wonderful source of proof that you ARE amazing!

This has helped me and I know it can help you. If you need more help with mindset, confidence and all that lovely stuff, contact me and let’s see how we can work together.

The Self-Doubt Coach

You are not your past!

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I want to tell you something important, YOU ARE NOT YOUR PAST!

Events and experiences from our past have got to to where we are, but that should be their only role.

Why do I say this?

Because your future is not yet written, it is yet to be created and guess what, YOU ARE THE CREATOR!!!

That’s right, you have control over where you go and what you do in your future.

So why would you want the shitty experiences from your past to be the mould that shapes your future?

Nobody wants that!

But we do this all the time!

It’s time to take back control over your destiny. You are more than capable of doing it and I can help you.

I’ve been there, it was one of the themes in my life for many years but I did the inner work, did the mindset shifts and left that behind me.

In my DD Power Hour XL coaching call you have 90 minutes of YOU time where we can work through 1-2 areas that are holding you back. It may be confidence, past experiences affecting current mindset, whatever mindset issue it is, we can work through it to get you unstuck and moving forward again.

It’s like the breakdown service who come out and fix your car so you can continue on to your destination. We do that for YOU.

Book your DD Power Hour XL call HERE, it’ll be great to help you.