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5 Ways to feel good each day

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You know those days when you just feel “Meh”? You really want to feel happier and more energetic but not sure what you can do to make that happen.

Worry not, I’m here to give you 5 tips to banish the ‘Meh’ monsters and feel happier.

1: Be polite, it makes you feel good!

We can go through our day filled with our own thoughts and ignoring other people but that’s like living in a steel box, we don’t have the connection and interaction that we, as humans, crave and need.

When we begin to be more aware of the people around us, be polite with them, and receive the same back, it lifts our hearts and helps us feel happier each day.

2: Smile at people, it makes them feel good!

Did you know that smiling releases neuropeptides in your brain? Do you even know what neuropeptides do? Well, let me tell you, these little fellas help you fight off stress.

When you smile you also release the happy hormones in your brain, Dopamine and Seratonin, that help you feel much happier.

So smile, smile at someone in the street as you catch each other’s eyes, smile at work colleagues and friends. Trust me, you’ll feel much better!

3: Random acts of kindness, it makes everyone feel good!

Think about how you feel when a stranger holds the door open for you or stops and lets you out when you’re driving. Feels good doesn’t it. You know what, doing them for others feels just as good!

It can be holding a door open for someone, picking something up that has been dropped, or being there for someone if they’re upset. Any of these acts of kindness not only makes the person receiving them feel good, but they help you feel good too.

So what could you do today?


4: Tell yourself today is going to be a fabulous day

This is in the form of affirmations. I’ve written about affirmations before and with good reason, they work. Doing affirmations each day can, over time, actually re-wire your brain to be naturally happier.

Examples of affirmations are:
Today is going to be an amazing day!
I choose to be happy today.
I am confident and strong.

Try them morning and night, you’ll start to see changes in your day.

5: Stop reading the news.

There’s no hiding from the fact that the media thrives on shock, fear, scandal, and making you feel inadequate, it’s their bread and butter work, but it’s not good for you!

Look at the tv, internet, newspaper, wherever you get your daily dose of news from, and just look at how many stories are negative. I would actually say it’s 60% and above, and a mixture of war, violence, how amazing a celeb looks (and implying that you don’t) and many more stories like that.

Remember, you are what you surround yourself with, so if you surround yourself with crap by consuming all that negative media, you are going to feel like crap.

It’s time to do a news detox!

3 Ways to boost your self-esteem

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Imagine going through life thinking you’re worthless, thinking you just aren’t good enough. It’s such a horrible thought but many of us do just that to one level or another.

Maxwell Maltz said:
“Low self-esteem is like driving through life with the hand brake on”
And this is exactly what it’s like.

When your self-esteem isn’t as high as I could be, you hold yourself back in life because you simply don’t think you’re good enough.

Let’s have a look at 3 ways in which you can begin to build your self-esteem and take that hand brake off.

1: Mind your language!

When we find our self-esteem to be low, we can find ourselves using quite negative language about ourselves.

“Oh I’m just not good enough”

“I know people say I’m a great person but just look at me”

“I’d love to do that but I’m crap at it”

Any of those statements ring any bells?

The common thread throughout theme is the negative language used towards yourself. You tell yourself you’re not good enough, you’re not a great person and you’re terrible at something. Ask yourself, would you talk to your best friend like that? Of course not, then why talk to yourself that way!

Start becoming aware of your language and consciously catch yourself and change it. So next time you hear yourself saying something like “I’m so crap at this”, change it to “I don’t know how to do this yet but I’m willing to learn”, or maybe using “yet” at the end of a statement such as “I’m not great at this YET”.

When you start consciously changing the language you use every day, it can improve your self-esteem. It’s not going to be easy but isn’t the effort worth it!

2: Affirm yourself.

I love using affirmations! When you start using affirmations every day, they can actually start re-wiring your brain! This is called neuroplasticity and it’s the ability to re-wire the neurones in the brain.

Your sub-conscious is amazing but it’s also a little dumb. You see, it believes whatever you keep telling it. Think of those times when you are telling yourself that you’re miserable, you find yourself getting more and more miserable don’t you. That’s because your sub-conscious is believing that constant stream of “facts” and so you become that. Flip that though and keep telling yourself positive things such as “I’m confident and powerful” or “I can achieve anything I put my mind to”. Keep repeating statements like that to yourself and you begin to absolutely believe it.

This is like in health coaching, the way to change your diet isn’t to say to yourself “I can never eat those foods again”, that’s never going to work, but if you begin to crowd out the bad with the good foods, pile the veggies on your plate so they naturally crowd out the crap, you will achieve those lifestyle changes.

The same principle is used with affirmations. You’re not saying “I can’t have those thoughts” because what will happen there is you will definitely have those thoughts, it’s human nature. What you’re doing is crowding out the negative thoughts by bringing in the positive ones. Over time the positive will push the negative out almost completely.

3: Visualise yourself as a super hero!

Just like affirmations, visualisation can help you tremendously with low self-esteem.

You watch movies, you see the powerful superhero’s being able to show strength and save the planet, now it’s time for you to be one too!

Find somewhere quiet, close your eyes, and see yourself putting on a costume that signified power and confidence to you. You may be Superman, Wonder Woman, or maybe a warrior, something that to you, signifies power. Once you see yourself in that costume, think of the traits that character has and begin to FEEL those traits and powers being transferred over to you. You are starting to absorb the strength and confidence of that character.

This may seem weird or silly at first but give it a chance, see if you feel the difference. You need to have an open mind and heart to allow this to begin changing your self-esteem.

Your visualisation may actually be you, in power clothes, pair of Ray-Ban shades, walking down the street with absolute confidence. You visualise whatever you need to visualise, so long as you completely feel that confidence and power.

Stay in that costume, let the power lift your heart, mind, confidence and esteem up and up and up.

Try these, let me know in the comments how they help.