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We can always figure things out

Remember the movie “The Italian Job” with Michael Caine? Oh I love that movie! I think of the end when the coach is hanging halfway over a cliff, the guys are at one end of the coach and the gold is at the other and threatening to slide out of the back doors.

Michael Caine is determined to get the gold and when he tries to reach it, it slides further out of his reach.

He rolls over, looks at the other guys in the coach and utters the immortal phrase “Hold on a minute lads, I’ve got a great idea”.

You see, whenever we come up against obstacles in our life, some of us see them as something they can’t get around, but some see them as something they can figure out how to push past.


There’s a scene at the end of “The Martian” movie where Matt Damon is saying to the prospective astronauts…

“This is space, it does not cooperate,  at some point everything is going to go south on you, everything is going to go south and you’re gonna say this is it this is how I end. Now you can either except that or you can get to work, that’s all it is, you just begin.  You do the math, you solve one problem and you solve the next one and then the next and if you solve enough problems you get to come home.”

And this is what we do in life, we solve a problem then move forward, solve another, and another, until you get to your goals.

But not everyone is willing to solve problems, instead, they put more time and energy into complaining about their obstacles.

In reality, if they put that time and energy into their problem solving, just imagine where they would be in their life instead of being stuck where they currently are.

So do you want to be the Michael Caine and Matt Damon characters? Or do you want to focus your time and energy into moaning and complaining?

The choice is 100% yours to make.

Darren Danks

Darren is The Self Doubt Coach. He helps you to break through the blocks that are holding you back, he cheerleads your successes and pushes you to be a better you. He has been British archery champion, holder of 9 national records and coached other archers to push through a mindset block called target shyness.

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